My big cousin called me today. He is a hero to me. I’m jealous of his teenage sons, because they have the ear of this awesome king of a man at all hours. Anyway so he calls me this afternoon, to say he was stalking my facebook and that I have some creative photography and should keep up at it. Never mind that my camera is trashed and my laptop crashed, hence why I stopped taking pictures…it was nice to hear nonetheless. Especially from someone I respect and love immensely. Not many opinions matter to me, most go in one ear and out the other, but his, I cherish. As unlucky as I am, I at least have a cool king facebook stalking me and giving me daps, once in a blue moon.

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The Cloth


The Cloth

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Intellect is like a major city
Laden with concrete and metal
Advanced modes of transportation
Shining buildings and fenced in parks
Spirit is the mountains, forest, wilderness
and vast countryside that surrounds it
Too many people live in the city
Struggling day to day for mere existance

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Artemus Jenkins speaks on Miya Bailey’s “Color Outside the Lines” on March 29th, 2012.
My late as all hell review is on it’s way.

Artemus Jenkins speaks on Miya Bailey’s “Color Outside the Lines” on March 29th, 2012.

My late as all hell review is on it’s way.

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jane elliot is genius.

sit back, get a grapefruit, a gallon of water,some popcorn, whatever floats your boat, and watch her give sight to the blind. 

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Saul Williams- Amethyst Rock

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Sous les paves, la plage!

Beneath the pavement, the beach!
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i dont wanna be a broken record of aint-shit-kids.

July 2011

Read back on somehting I wrote a minute ago. Like three months past. And I’m proud of myself. It was kind of a peptallk for myself so I could reach the mindset I’m at right now. And now that I’ve read back, I see I’ve reached my goal. It’s like a little kid looking in the mirror and saying over and over “I’m smart/beautiful/funny.”. Then one day, maybe weeks, or years later, he looks in the mirror or sees an accomplishment and immediately sees all those characteristics without even having to shake negative thoughts out of his head and without having to chant this fact into existence. He just knows hes beautiful. He doesn’t need to hear laughter to know he’s funny. He makes a point and he knows he’s smart. It just is. So that’s how I feel now. I was kinda drowning and I’m still in the deep end but now I’m treading water. Slowly but surely I’ll reach the beach. I’m gonna do a Baywatch run when I get there, too.

That previous paragraph might’ve led you to think this was about physical attributes. Facial features, weight, etc. No. It was more about my spiritual, mental, creative attributes. My sanity. My happiness. My life. It was about finding the fountain of eternal youth. Because they say once you’re doing what you love, age is not this monster under your bed. You recognize it as something that can only refine your craft. It’s something that offers your eyes new perspective and ideas that’d soar over a youngbloods head. So what I’m saying is: right now, as a 23 year old woman of New York City, I don’t want to dread aging. Because it happens. We all get old and fall over dead. I want to be the one that is running til my last breath.  Always learning. Always giving. I want to be live even when I’m on my deathbed. I don’t want to waste a single minute of my life not working towards something I can benefit from. No I dont wanna spend my life following a strategic path to capitalisitc success. Yes, I admit money is awesome. I love money. But it kind of gets in the way when it’s the only reason you’re doing something. When you follow the smell of money, you end up walking towards projects you normally wouldn’t want a single part of. Those things age you. And since my goal is to live til I’m at my last breathe, that’s a no-no for me. I want to live so well, that when I die at some ripe old age past senior citizen status, they’ll say “She died young.”

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Two Days Later and I Still Hope We Riot.

So Troy Davis was killed on Wednesday evening. Two nights ago but it feels like longer. No, he was not a family member. And yes, I only knew his name and story for about a week. Still, I can’t stand to watch someone speak about him on a YouTube vlog..or read an article about him from whatever newspaper/news website. I can’t stand any of it. I attempted to write some of his final words in sharpie on my bedroom wall (among a million other beautiful words). “I am Troy Davis and I am free!” Only I wrote ”I am Troy Davis”. I couldn’t bring myself to write the rest. Is he really free? He’s more like a smothered and then snuffed flame. Jailed for 20 years and then killed.

'I am Troy Davis” Seeing those four words is the only time I can read his name or think about that situation and not have my stomach knot up. Heavy sadness. A burden. A responsibility.

I went to a wake tonight for my boss’ sensei’s mother. It was lovely seeing all of their friends and family. She was maybe 80 something when she passed. Hers is the first dead body I’ve ever seen. I’ve made it a point to avoid the wakes of all family members who’ve passed. I always pay respects at the funeral and reception but never the wake. I don’t think I can handle seeing the body of a loved one. This lady, I didn’t know her but none of her family or friends seemed very sad. She was old. She had a full life. Fulfilled her purpose. Raised children she can be proud of. Left her mark. It was natural.

I hope Troy Davis’ death was not in vain. I hope although it was not his time nor his choice to go, that he was able to leave a permanent mark on this generation.

I hope his family can feel some of the relief at felt after his death. He, at last, is ’free’ now.

Shortly after the execution, maybe 11:50, or midnight-ish, I replied to a Facebook status asking about his death and what would be done now. I answered that I hoped people would riot. Give the media and the government something to pay attention and react to. I felt that we should give them something a little more confrontational to contrast with that peaceful, passive petition signing, Bible toting, Kumbia, preaching song and dance about love-thy-neighbor-no-matter-what jig we’ve been doing.

Clearly, that approach isn’t working. I was met with resistance. Some said ‘There would be innocent civilians effected. It wouldn’t be worth it’ ‘It wouldn’t solve anything.’ But some also agreed with me. Agreed that something is needed to contrast what’s already being done. Because what’s already being done is being ignored. We need a bad cop to the good cop we already have on duty. That is not an absurd idea.

I also wonder what is wrong with this generation. We’ve been too pacified. Too weak. We, nor our parents, have not had to struggle as hard as our grandparents to ‘make it’. We weren’t raised with the same resilience. We have some resilience but obviously if we have the reactions we’re having, it’s not much resilience.

I ask what would we be, where would we be now in 2011, if King or X had said “Well, there’ll be too many civilians hurt/killed/arrested. Too much hard work and risk.” We got this far because they understood that to progress, we must sacrifice. That goes for everything in life. You want good grades. Sacrifice that party. That TV show. That late night phone call. You want to go to that once in a lifetime concert, gamble with your rent money for this month. You want your kid to go on that fancy class trip, sacrifice those overpriced Jordans you wanted to buy yourself. You sacrifice for what you want. In this day and age sitting on your computer, sending mass emails about freedom and respect and a post-racial society, is MUCH TOO EASY to reap any rewards.

No. Results come from pushing yourself to the very limits. And that doesn’t mean stay up an extra hour and double the amount of emails you send. No. It means get your ass outside and face the devil who is killing your people and spitting at your humanity. Face that little evil piece of garbage and put some effort into getting it out of power. Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, King, Huey…they took us so far. We’ve come too far too just settle down here. It’s not over yet. I wish it was. But it’s not.

People seem to think that since all the Civil Rights leaders are dead and now that we have a Black President, we must have reached the pinnacle. But no. Not too long ago, we had our lovely Black President forced to show his birth records because some real estate tycoon asked for it. And not one person told that rich bigot to shut up and sit down? Not one news station saw anything wrong with it? It was just ‘news’ “Barack Obama holds press conference addressing birth questions” Not “Crazy rich man questions POTUS about family history.” I’m sick of quoting stats and explaining why what happened Wednesday (and on a million other Wednesdays that didn’t get this press) is a grave injustice and how it’s race-related. How it’s politics and race and how it reflects every little thing that is sick about this country. It should be obvious by now. We still have a lot of fighting to do.

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by asha bandele for The Nation

On the morning of September 9, 1971, Attica Correctional Facility, the largest and most secure prison in New York State, went up in a flame of resistance and rage. Just over half of the men incarcerated there-more than 1,200 people-took 38 prison guards hostage,…

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Reddit User Sunberg put together a very in-depth collection of information surrounding the shooting in Oslo that I’ve featured below. WARNING: Some of the links below lead to images and video that are very graphic in nature.

Some bulletpoints of what happened:

  • This happened at the Norwegian Labour party’s summercamp for teenagers.
  • ca 600-700 people were at the island (Utøya is an island) most of them teenagers around 16 years old
  • The island is about 35km / 20miles from Oslo
  • The island is about 0.12km2 , or easier to visualize: 350 x 350 meters. It was also about 500-600 meter swim to get to the mainland. (via Humpa )
  • Some people were trying to swim others were hiding
  • Some people were saying that if you know someone there, don’t call them as they might have been hiding
  • People were posting to Facebook and Twitter asking for help
  • (19:10) One person was arrested.
  • Photos show that many teenagers have been killed
  • The shooter used many weapons, including shotgun, handgun and automatic weapon.
  • Uncensored photo from the island
  • Total death toll is atleast 80, and police are saying it may still rise. Most of them children/teenagers.
  • Police have also found unexploded explosives on the island, and believes/almost certain that there is a link with the Oslo bombing 2 hours earlier.
  • Around 30 are seriously injured, among those 20 are critically injured
  • Breivik had purchased 6 tons of artificial fertilizers on the 4th of May. This is not considered unusual for a vegetable producer.

Update 09:14 Norwegian time:

  • At least 84 have been confirmed dead at the island, but numbers might still rise. None of the dead have been identified yet, and the police are still searching for bodies on land, but mainly in the water as he also shot at people trying to swim from the island.
  • The shooter has been charged with the maximum sentence possible in Norway (21 years in prison, however, this can be raised up until life)
  • The shooter has been charged for both the Oslo explosion and the shootings

Update 09:30:

  • Police has raised the estimate to a total of 91 confirmed dead at Utøya (84) and Oslo (7)

Update 15:55:

  • Dagbladet writes that the police has confirmed that 85 people were killed at Utøya. However, they say numbers may still rise.

About the shooter:

He has been arrested and is being questioned by the police. This is what I have been able to gather of info so far. Police are still considering the possibility that he did not act alone.

  • Name: Anders Behring Breivik
  • Age: 32
  • Ethnicity: Norwegian
  • Considers himself a nationalist
  • Interviewed childhood friends says he turned extreme right wing towards the end of his 20s.
  • No earlier crimes and is unknown to the police
  • Considers himself conservative Christian
  • Started a company in 2009 called Geofarm and stated it would do farming. Using this company he got access to a lot of artifical fertilizers (means that this has been planned for some time)
  • Created a Twitter account 1 month ago and has only tweeted one tweet: «One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100 000 who have only interests»
  • Has been very active on online communities against “internationalism” ( is one such site and has published all of his posts as a response to the events - norsk/english.)
  • Has strong opinions against immigrants, especially muslims
  • Is member of a pistol club and is a registered gun owner - has 2 registered guns
  • Lived most his life in Oslo (west side), but recently moved to Hedemark (further north)
  • Freemasonry member
  • Was a member of FrpU, the youth wing of Frp ).

About the theory that may have been more shooters:

  • Police just arrested a young man at a hotel close by in possession of a knife. He claimed he did not feel safe and it is still unconfirmed if he was involved in the massacre. He claimed he was a member of the Labour youth party (more)
  • Some news sources say the police are concerned that a second shooter might be free while others say are not looking for anyone in particular and nothing is conclusive (more) (more)
  • Some news sources say witnesses describe a second shooter dressed in civilian clothing and that police are investigating the witness statements. (more)

Witness stories:
(Note: the translation may not be 100% accurate)

  • “He came to the island saying he was a police officer. Asked everyone to gather around and then began to shoot. He shot widely around himself. First no one believed that it actually was happening. We thought it was just bullshit, until we saw people with blood and… yeah… Then everyone began to run.”
    Did you see anyone who were dead? ”I… many. Very many.” Can you say a number? ”Around 15 when I was there trying to help by the beach. People were either shot or had drowned in the water. It was not a good sight. Everyone ran towards the forrest. There were injured people who we carried. People tried to hide, but then he came to them saying he was the police here to rescue them. When people approached him he shot them.” (more in the video)
  • “The first thing he did was to shoot the cutest girl he saw.” (article)
  • “He reloaded, shot more. He shot around me. I was lying still thinking: this is the end”. She played dead over 1 hour lying among bodies (article / blog post by the witness)
  • “He shot people in the head to make sure they were dead” (article)
  • “I felt the heat from his gun” … “Some people ran and hid in their tents. He went systematically from tent to tent with an automatic rifle and fired single shots. It was apparent that he wanted every shot to count.” … “Many took off their clothes and tried to swim. I tried to swim with my clothes on, which began to get heavy in the water, so I had to turn around. I hid on the beach with another group. He eventually came back and fired into the group. I played dead and lied down among the bodies. At the closest he was 2-3 meters away from me.” Adrian Pracon, a survivor, was shot in the shoulder ”I did not feel the shot at first. It was very loud and I was deaf in one ear for a while. It felt like pinch. The pain came afterwards” … “It almost seemed like he had done this before. Walking around and shooting people seemed normal to him.” (article)



#i love the fact that people are saying this guy is mentally unstable and not labeling him as a terrorist because that’s what he fucking is. A GODDAMN TERRORIST. because he ain’t brown and muslim. and by love i mean hate. #norway

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i don’t believe in mourning lost talent. it’s best to simply appreciate what they gave while they were here. just remain in her audience.

let the people who had more access (and as a result, more ‘opportunity’ to help) pity, cry, and say what if. 

but then again, no one can help an addict. they’re on their own by default.

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